Vibration meters and blasting seismographs

The familiy of vibration measuring instruments, Vibracord, is specially designed to use when the velocity is the magnitude to measure. Usually this type of equipment is used in construction work, mining, blasting, demolition or other jobs where vibrations cannot be completely avoided. To exclude any damage or risk, measurement and analysis of these vibrations are required.
Other magnitudes like acceleration or pressure can also be measured.

Vibracord FX
With everything you need in a Vibration Meter.

Last generation. Remotely controlled

  • 7" TFT screen
  • Touch panel
  • Up to 7 channels. Different transducers allowed
  • Data transfer to USB disk or SD Card
  • Access to your data with any device with Internet connection
  • WiFi connection
  • Control your equipment remotely
  • Send e-mails with the reports of the captured records
  • Send e-mail alarms when defined values are exceeded
  • FFT frequency annalisys performed in the equipment
  • See the wave and Norm in the graphic screen
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Vibracord Gaia
For rough conditions

  • Strong aluminum case
  • High contrast iluminated LCD screen for a perfect view under all light conditions
  • Specially designed for construction work and blasting monitoring
  • One 3-Axis block of geophones and one microphone for air-pressure (optional)
  • The captured data is transferred to a SD card
  • Very easy to use. Recommended for users that don't need advance options in vibration measurement
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Vibracord TX
The best price quality relationship

  • 2.5" TFT screen
  • Touch panel
  • Data transfer to SD card
  • Easy to use
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Beacon system for vibration meters
Real time visual and acoustic alarms

  • Wireless & cable link
  • Portable & fixed version
  • Warning and alarm levels are user selectable
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Vibration meters. Comparision chart

Equiment: Vibracord FX Vibracord Gaia Vibracord TX
Number of channels 4/7 3/4 3
Sample rate (sps) 2048 1024 2048
Frequency range 1-315 Hz
2-250 Hz
1-315 Hz
2-250 Hz
1-315 Hz
2-250 Hz
Trigger mode Automatic
Automatic Automatic
Data transfer modes USB Disk
SD Card
WEB server
FTP server
USB cable
SD Card SD Card
Data visualization Screen
WEB server
FTP server
Screen Screen
Data storage memory 1.8 GiB
Up to 10.000 records
1.000 records 500 records
Internal power supply Li-Ion rechargeable
Li-Ion rechargeable
Li-Polymer rechargeable
Visualization TFT Full color
800x480 pixels
20x4 Characters
TFT Full color
320x240 pixels
Keyboard 8 keys 8 keys 2 keys
Dimensions (mm) 200x150x70 220x180x70 200x100x40
Weight (Without accesories) 1.9 kg 0.9 kg 0.5 kg