Vibratesting, S.L.U.

Calibration laboratory



Vibratesting is a Laboratory with an exclusive contract for calibration and test services. Its staff has a wide experience with more than 20 years in a highly specialized activity.


Vibratesting has been accredited according to ISO 17025 for vibration meters calibration (Velocity). This guarantees technical competence and quality services. The accreditation has been performed by ENAC (National Accreditation Organization), an organization recognized by ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

Why is Accreditation important?

Accredited laboratories are the only ones that offers the customer the necessary confidence in calibration results. The companies must be sure that the results given by their measurements are correct, because they will be used in important activities, and decisions based on these results.
Component ageing, temperature changes, mechanical stress, etc, degrade performance and measurements are likely to be incorrect and unreliable.
If the measurement results are not reliable, it is possible to make incorrect decisions, or provide a product or a service that does not meet the specifications or legal regulations.
This could be detected and limited by calibration. A correct calibration of the equipments assures that the products and services comply with the required specifications. Unlike a certification according to ISO 9001 Standard (that only confirms that the company has a quality system), ISO 17025 accreditation confirms the technical competition of the laboratory and guarantees the traceability and reliability of the calibration results.