Accredited calibration for vibration meters (Velocity)

Accreditation scope:

Reference signal: 10.00 mm/s peak (sinusoidal).
Frequency range: 1 - 315 Hz.
Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC): 0.22 dB.

The frequency calibration points depend on the equipment response. They will be previously agreed on with the customer.

Accreditation certificate: Download

Note: This equipment is commonly known as a "blasting seismograph". This is an incorrect technical name beacuse this equipment is different from the real seismograph used for earthquake measurement.

Traceable calibration for air pressure

It is usually one of the channels of the vibration meters. It is a very specific transducer, with a very low frequency range.
The calibration is performed according to these parameters:

Reference signal: 50.0 Pa.
Frequency range: 2 - 250 Hz.
Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC): 1 %